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Monday, July 11, 2016

Hosted CentreStack Overview

CentreStack is the Gladinet's Managed File Sync, Share, and Collaboration Solution. On the demands of our service provider partners, we have now added the Hosted CentreStack offering where we provide all the infrastructure along with storage to host your customers.  There is no more hardware or storage investment required before becoming a cloud service provider to offer your own branded file sync and share service. Just bring your customers and host on our infrastructure.

The video below is a quick overview of our hosted centrestack offering.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Auto Upgrade for Windows Client in Centrestack

CentreStack is Gladinet's Managed File Sync, Share, and Collaboration Solution. At Gladinet, our goal is to make CentreStack administration very easy for IT and CentreStack admins. Administrators get a single and centralized management console from where they can administer, manage, and configure the entire CentreStack solution. Our auto-update options enable the admins to upgrade Windows and MAC clients automatically without asking the users to do manual upgrades.

This video demonstrates where and how the auto-update windows client option works.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

CentreStack Azure AD Integration via SAML SSO


CentreStack is a managed file sync and share solution that supports SAML single sign on.

For customers that are on the Office 365, they have Azure Active Directory and that supports SAML Single Sign on as well.

This article shows how to connect CentreStack Single Sign On with Azure AD Single Sign On.

Step 1 – CentreStack Side Setup

From the tenant administrator management portal, go to the Group Policy –> Security –> Single Sign On. Tenant administrator can enable SAML authentication from there.



CentreStack Mid Year Review 2016

There are quite some product updates for the first half of the year. Some notable new features include:
  • Mac OS X client auto upgrade
  • Support SAML Single Sign On
  • Support Azure AD via SAML Single Sign On
  • Windows client and Mac client localization
  • "Request a File" from folder sharing
  • Office Web App Server Support
  • Management Web Portal Responsive Design and Implementation.
Besides the new features, there is also constant tweaks and fixes about the product.
Here is a demo video about the web portal and how does it look at mid year 2016.
For more information, please visit http://www.centrestack.com

Friday, June 24, 2016

Sync Windows File Server to Cloud

There are many file sync and share solutions for consumer PCs, but not many specifically targeting Windows File Server.

CentreStack solution is specifically designed to help manage service providers and companies that have Windows File Server and wants to migrate or synchronize Windows File Server content to cloud to create a hybrid solution.

There are many specific challenges regards the windows file server synchronization to cloud. For example:

 (1) How to preserve sharing permission
(2) How to preserve Active Directory NTFS folder permission
(3) How to make the file server replaceable, can be sync back down if required.
(4) How to make the file server available for remote branch office too.

The following video demonstrates the Windows File Server Sync to the Cloud.
For more information, please visit centrestack.com

Thursday, June 9, 2016

CentreStack Licensing

CentreStack is an enterprise file sync, share, and collaboration solution. Enterprises and MSPs can leverage this platform to provide secure access to on-premise data without any VPN to users from any location using any device.

Centrestack installations are clusters that are licensed from partner portal. After you register as a partner you can purchase licenses and assign those licenses to a cluster. The number of licenses purchased will appear in your licence line. As you assign licenses to your cluster the number of unassigned licenses will be decremented. After the licenses are updated to a cluster they can be assigned to individual tenants. Licenses that are no longer in need by a tenant can be reclaimed and reused for other tenants.

Once the cluster is licensed you can modify it's branding in cluster manager by navigating the cluster branding section. Under cluster branding section you will find different tabs that allow you to modify the appearance of the web, desktop and the client. You can also customize the setting for automated emails. These branding settings will apply to all the tenants within the cluster. It is also possible to have different branding for each tenant as well.

The video below will demonstrate how you can license clusters and modify the appearance of the web, desktop and the client using the different branding options in Centretsack.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Admins Can Only Allow Sending Shares to Specified Domains in Centrestack

CentreStack is an on-premise enterprise file sync, share, and collaboration solution. It has a very rich enterprise feature set such as, allowing the admin to enable the feature 'Only Allow Sending Shares to Specified Domains'. For security reasons admins can restrict their team users from sharing any company's confidential data to any other users who belong to domains that are not approved by the IT admin. They will only be able to send shares to users that belong to the domains that are approved and configured in the feature by the admin.

The video below will demonstrates how admins can enable the setting 'Only Allow Sending Shares to Specified Domains' in Centrestack.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Guest Users Can Update Comments for Shared Files in Centrestack

CentreStack is and Enterprise File Sync, Share, and Collaboration Platform. Guest users are users that are not in the system but can receive files or folders shared from other users in the system. when guest users are granted full access permission with read and write control, guest users are able to access the shared file via email and are able to update and add comments to the shared file. Once the comments are updated the admin or the user who shared the file can see the updated comments for the shared file from their web portal.

The video below will demonstrate how guest users can update comments for shared files and how the guest user account is created.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Administrators can Subscribe to Receive Team Folder Notifications in CentreStack

CentreStack is the leading managed file sync, share, and collaborate solution. It can be deployed 100% on-premise by service providers and enterprises. In a collaborative environment,  it can be difficult to keep track of all the changes that are being made to the files inside an important folder. IT can publish the important folders as team folders with specific permissions to specific users in centrestack. Administrators can keep track of all the changes that are being made inside the team folders by subscribing to receive change notifications via email.

The video below demonstrates how administrators can subscribe to receive team folder notifications.