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Monday, May 25, 2009

Version 1.0

Version 1.0, build 121 is here and is available on download.com too. There are some new features in the v1.0 as compared to the RC build 109. You will find features like many-to-many backup to backup multiple local folders to multiple cloud storage services; better bandwidth control and better task manager. The focus of the v1.0 is on how to enhance the user experience of transferring data between local PC and remote cloud storage, with a mapped network drive.

V1.0 is a pretty big milestone after the long beta march. We would like to thank our beta users first. We wouldn't have achieved version 1.0 without their feedback and bug reports. For those beta users that have reported issues to us, we would like to give a free v1.0 professional edition license in a couple of weeks. Starter Edition remains free as our contribution to the Internet community.

V1.0 is also a starting point of a long journey to version 3.0, where most software reach a great balance between stability and feature in a complicated software eco system such as Windows. We will continue to improve.

As we were preparing for the V1.0 launch last week, we saw the news of AT&T/EMC entering into the cloud storage business. If Amazon S3 has pushed the idea of cloud storage into the minds of web services developers and business users, AT&T may be able to turn the idea of cloud storage into a household commodity. When the web goes from web 2.0 to web 3.0, when the cloud storage becomes a common practice, Gladinet will be ready to contribute more.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Release Candidate

Today we released build 109, reaching the release candidate milestone. In the past month, we focused primarily on stress testing. For example, I can now download my Google Picasa web albums (5600 pictures, 245 web albums) completely to my other PC overnight without glitch. I can also upload big folders to Amazon S3 as well. I can setup incremental backup of my documents to Google Docs. It is becoming more and more usable.

This is what the Cloud Desktop needs to be. The bridge between the Cloud and the Desktop needs to be reliable. It is a goal that may not be easily achieved, we will need to continue to push the limit. There is always version 3.0.

The most recent Google Docs service glitch also proved that if we can solve the backup problem (such as Google Docs has a local cache copy or an Amazon S3 backup), the service will be more usable. If there is a backup copy into Amazon S3 for Google Docs, there won't be a concern of business continuity when the Google Docs becomes part of the company document infrastructure. The strength of multiple service providers combined can be much bigger than a single one.

Gladinet as an open platform, lays a foundation to support multiple service providers. It takes time for the platform to mature. Reaching release candidate milestone is a good step forward.