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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Accessing Your File Server from Cloud

Here is another use case keeps coming up from customers using Gladinet Cloud. As one potential customer asked:
“We search for a solution for our team. We have a file server with Active Directory for our projects, with a team of users travelling around. We need the files and folders accessible for team members outside of office, while other people working on the same project can continue to access files and folders from within the office.”
Above is the main use case requirement, then he follows with the second requirement:
“We don’t want the work to be solely in Web Interface, nor do we want applications to provide sync after users come back into office.”
The second requirement can be translated into:
  Please provide real time direct access for both users in the office and users outside office.
This usually requires a VPN like solution so remote user can login to the file server through VPN.  However, in the cloud era, there is a better and cheaper solution, with more functionality, such as backup, version control and mobile device access, while reducing the cost of setting up a VPN in office.

Accessing Your File Server from Cloud

We call this use case “Accessing Your File Server from Cloud”. To start, you will need to get a Gladinet Cloud Team Edition account first from www.gladinet.com

Monday, August 20, 2012

Team File Sync & Share Solution for OpenStack

Earlier this month, Rackspace announced the release of Rackspace Private Cloud Software, powered by OpenStack and code-named Alamo. The new offering is designed to make it easy for organizations to install, test and run a multi-node OpenStack-based private cloud environment. It is an offering designed for services providers and enterprises.
OpenStack has two components, compute and object storage. This article focuses on the object storage, code named swift, as it is related to building a team oriented file and folder sync and share solution, working together with the Rackspace Private Cloud Software.
File Sync & Share solutions are pretty common on the public cloud as one of the most common application of cloud storage. For example, Box and Dropbox are the most successful ones promoting file sync and share solution over public cloud. Many service providers will now look to OpenStack and also look for a dropbox-like or a box-like solution for their own private cloud,  OpenStack Object Storage implementation.
Gladinet Cloud provides the solution for these service providers or enterprises looking for a self-hosted file sync & share solution. In regards to private hosting, Gladinet Cloud has the following pieces of components

1. Gladinet Cloud Cluster

Gladinet Cloud Cluster is a multi-node scalable software service that is currently powering the www.gladinet.com. It is software on top of the Windows Web Platform (IIS/SQL/.NET/WCF) that provides additional services such as file sync and share on top of OpenStack instances next by. Gladinet Cloud Cluster is available in a Windows Web Platform deployment package that can be installed by Windows Web Platform Installer.

Android Client for OS 2.3+ Available in Google Play

Two weeks ago, Gladinet Cloud Team Client for Android OS 4.0/4.1 was released to Google Play market store. This week, same android client is ready for OS 2.3+ (API 8 and up). Next step will be to port this android 2.3 based app to Blackberry Playbook.
If you bring up Google Play market app from your Android 2.3+ devices, you can find Gladinet Cloud in the Google Play store.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

File Sync and Share among Your Distributed Offices

Recently, another potential customer request came in. The customer has 3 offices located in different regions, all in the US. They have a need to share Microsoft Office files such as Word, Excel, Power Point files from each office into a central location to store all the master files. They need to be able to lock files so people from different offices don’t overwrite into each other’s change. They need to have version history of the files in case files are accidentally deleted.  They also need to integrate the solution with a mapped network drive in Windows Explorer. The good news is Gladinet Cloud for Teams has all those required features.
We have seen this repeating theme keeps coming up, which also helped shape the current version of the Gladinet Cloud for Teams. Gladinet cloud for teams is made exactly for this purpose – file sync and share among your distributed offices.
To start, first you will need to acquire a Gladinet Cloud for team account from www.gladint.com.
After the setup, you will be at the Gladinet Cloud web browser interface.

Android Client for Gladinet Cloud Team Edition

android1Gladinet Cloud Android App has been released to the Google Play Store since last week.  It is an important addition to the Gladinet Cloud for Teams. After the Web client, Windows client, File server agent, Mac and iOS app support, now it is Android app. You can enjoy a native android app when browsing Gladinet Cloud from your android devices.
The first release targets Android devices with OS version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above (4.1 - Jelly bean). The support for Android devices OS 2.3.3/2.3.5 will come very soon at the end of August 2012.
When you search for Gladinet in the Google Play Store, you will see Gladinet App showing up.