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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gladinet Cloud New Feature Updates

new_gladinetGladinet is doing agile software development. Every week, there is some enhancements on the Gladinet Cloud (which doesn’t require client binary software download). Every month, there will be some enhancements on the client binaries that you can download and use.

This article will document some of the new features in the Gladinet Cloud Team Edition.

Start of Group Policy – In the Cloud

When you  have a team of users that are using the same Gladinet Cloud service and share the team work space, you would like to be able to set a bunch of settings for each of the individual users. In the old LAN (Local Area Network) environment, it was the user policy and group policy that we are familiar with.

Now with Cloud Storage and Web based browser and management, it is also possible to set the settings for the users. Starting this week, you will see the policy settings appear in the Gladinet Cloud Web Management front. Over time, you will see more and more settings coming into Group Policy.


Friday, April 20, 2012

OpenStack Based Team Workspace Solution

openstackWith cloud storage getting more popular, many businesses are looking to online storage for a team workspace solution. Traditionally these solutions are provided by Windows File Server and SharePoint Server, thus the team workspace solution was limited to a local area network environment.
When enterprises are looking for the team workspace solution in the new cloud storage context, many are still looking because they want to have full control of their data.  Many service providers are looking too because they want to enter the market with a online storage solution with team workspace features.
With OpenStack and Gladinet Team Edition, it is possible to build a windows file server/SharePoint server replacement solution in the cloud for enterprises and for service providers.
The combined solution provides the following benefits.

1. Web Browser Based Access to Files and Folders.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Amazon S3 & S3 Compatibles

s3logoIn a recent Amazon S3 blog, it is reported that Amazon S3 has reached 905 billion objects. As usual, we will plot the new number together with its historical numbers and see the trend line.
Worked out the math, it takes Amazon S3 247 days to double. So it doubles every 8 months.
We have been following it for a while and it is almost like a broken record now. Congratulations to the growth of S3 and the validation of cloud storage market.
This article will now discuss more about its Compatibles.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gladinet Cloud New Feature Updates

New128whiteQ1 2012 is another busy quarter for Gladinet. In this quarter, Gladinet Cloud adds many new features.

More Cloud Service Support in Team Edition

Gladinet supports many cloud storage services in its Starter and Professional Edition (Gladinet Cloud Desktop). It supports the same list of cloud storage services in its Cloud Server product.  These products support direct client side connection to the many cloud storage services.

Now Team Edition is different in that it supports the cloud storage services from the Gladinet Cloud service side, instead of from the client device side. The benefit of the service side integration is that it offers 2-way sync, sharing and collaboration, notification and team concept much better than a simple client device integration.

In Q1 2012, Gladinet added support of Windows Azure, EMC Atmos 2.0 and Nirvanix to its team edition, in addition to the existing support of Amazon S3, Amazon S3 compatible, Google Cloud Storage, Rackspace Cloud Files, OpenStack and varieties of OpenStack instances. Now you can plug in many different kind of public or private cloud storage services to Gladinet Cloud Team Edition.

Monday, April 2, 2012

EMC Atmos 2.0 + Gladinet Cloud Video

This is a YouTube HD video about plugin your own EMC Atmos 2.0 account to Gladinet Cloud Team Edition.

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Bring Your Own EMC Atmos 2.0 Account

Bring Your Own EMC Atmos 2.0 Account

image_png128We deployed the EMC Atmos 2.0 support for Team Edition over the weekend. Gladinet Cloud is a value-add cloud service that adds many popular use case support to cloud storage services, such as Backup, drive Access, Sync and Share, Identity and user, Collaboration and Control, together, the BASIC cloud storage use cases
You can now plug in your EMC Atmos 2.0 account to Gladinet Team Edition and enjoy all the team edition features such as:
  • Web Browser Portal Access
  • Desktop Client Access and Mapped Network Drive
  • Mirror Backup, Snapshot Backup and two-way sync
  • File Server Virtual Volume
  • iOS App support
  • Team Version Folder for Collaboration
  • Peer to Peer Files and Folders Sharing
  • Mac Client (Coming in May, 2012)
  • Active Directory Integration
To summarize, You bring your own EMC Atmos 2.0 account to Gladinet, Gladinet satisfies the BASIC (Backup, Access, Sync & Share, Identity, Control & Collaboration) cloud storage use cases for you.

Sign Up for Team Account

On Gladinet home page, you can click on the Team Edition. Under the Cloud Storage Plan, you can choose EMC Atmos 2.x drop down.